mould1 BrE mold AmE [məuld US mould] n
1¦(shaped container)¦
2¦(type of person)¦
3 break the mould
4¦(growing substance)¦
a hollow container that you pour a liquid or soft substance into, so that when it becomes solid, it takes the shape of the container
Another method, used especially for figures, was to pour the clay into a mould.
lime jell-o in a mould
2.) ¦(TYPE OF PERSON)¦ [singular]
if someone is in a particular mould, or fits into a particular mould, they have all the attitudes and qualities typical of a type of person
fit (into) a mould
She didn't quite fit into the standard 'high-flying businesswoman' mould.
in the same mould (as sb/sth)/in the mould of sb/sth
a socialist intellectual in the mould of Anthony Crossland
3.) break the mould
to change a situation completely, by doing something that has not been done before
an attempt to break the mould of British politics
a soft green, grey, or black substance that grows on food which has been kept too long, and on objects that are in warm, wet air
The chemical was used to kill a mold that grows on peanuts.
The walls were black with mould.
mould 2
mould2 v BrE mold AmE
1.) [T]
to shape a soft substance by pressing or rolling it or by putting it into a mould
mould sth into sth
Mould the sausage meat into little balls.
moulded plastic chairs
2.) [T]
to influence the way someone's character or attitudes develop
mould sth/sb into sth
I try to take young athletes and mold them into team players.
an attempt to mold public opinion
3.) [I and T]
to fit closely to the shape of something, or to make something fit closely
mould (sth) to sth
The lining of the boot molds itself to the shape of your foot.
Her wet dress was moulded to her body.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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